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The lost souls thought that they were dead, and that Hell was their last nightmare. But they were wrong, they were not dead enough...

There’s no rest in Hell. There’s no peace in Hell.

Our elite soldier was sent to Hell, and your duty is to help him eliminate every single lost soul. No demons shall survive.

If you think that Hell is the worst place that has ever been, you must play Miles Infernum.

Technical info:
Terrain is procedurally ( virtually ) infinite, animations are procedurally generated using inverse kinematics and equations, progression is also procedurally set according to player gameplay.

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Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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miles-infernum-win.zip 51 MB
Version 1.0.7
miles-infernum-linux.zip 58 MB
Version 1.0.7
miles-infernum-mac.zip 53 MB
Version 1.0.7

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A nice little game. We enjoyed it very much.

Thanks! :)

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Cool! My initial reactions were: 
- It looks really nice/immersive

- I wish the camera motion's easing was smoother when moving around

- I wish I had known what the overall goal was: am I supposed to just kill as many people as I can? Is there somewhere I should be headed?

Is development continuing? Where are you headed with it next?


Yes, for now it is just a "serious sam" kinda game, so you just kill as many as you can.

There are many plans for this game, multiplayer, a lot more enemies, boss fights, different levels... But it will take a long time, when the game is big enough, I'll release a paid version on Steam.

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I just woke up and thought I'd have a play and now I can't see goddamit.

Great use of the colours and the rocky environment. Works great with both controller or Keyboard and Mouse

Great work DEVS and good luck

So, I completely missed the fact that this is a jam title, and because of that I was a little hard on it. Overall, not a bad experience! The movement feels a little unwieldy but the action is pretty satisfying! Detailed feedback in the vid!