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nice looking but you must better balance geamplay and experience i have played full time hard 16 but it was boring... at the end i feeled danger but it was not last meter kill.  

i need some story... why i am defending?  they are all the same.

you have campaign but it doesnt introduce you into game. i think it shoud be linear with heand crafted experience. 

ilttle too boring and too bright. i didn't experience fantasy from scrren-gifs.

The maps on the game are procedurally generated by design, and with that, it is really hard to guarantee that every map is going to be balanced, some might be more difficult because there might be more enemy entrances and shorter paths to your base. So unfortunately you'll  probably find maps that are more fun for you than others. I am planning on adding more mechanics to the game so no matter what map you're playing, you might have more stuff to do and that may turn some duller maps into more interesting ones. But thank you for giving me feedback!